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League of Legends:
Ranked Dominion?

So with all of these recent blog posts talking about League of Legends Season 3, I wanted to get more into the topic of Dominion. As you all know, I mostly play Dominion rather than Summoner’s Rift because in my opinion Summoner’s Rift takes a lot more time to play. For someone like me who sometimes just wants to sit down and play as many games as I can with friends before I need to go, Dominion is where it’s at. In Season 3, a lot of changes and additions happened in the game, but one of the additions a lot of Dominion fans wanted was Rank play.

For those that don’t know, in League of Legends there is a normal mode and a ranked mode. In normal mode, you don’t have a public ELO rating, so the environment isn’t as competitive as for people in ranked who do have ELO ratings. For Dominion, as it’s another game mode outside of the default game mode, it doesn’t have ranked play. Though, this definitely was on the wish list of a lot of people for Season 3. Yes, us players do have that whole point system for Dominion, but ranked would take it to the next level. For the competitive gamer in me, I would have absolutely loved ranked Dominion!

What do you guys think? Do you want Riot to add ranked play for Dominion? Tell me why or why not on my facebook http://www.facebook.com/Fatal1tyGamingGear