Students at Girls Make Games showcased their their first game The Hole Story, 2014 GMG Grand Prize Winner, at the Indie MegaBooth. Created by junior developers from the ages of 10-16 years old, these amazing and talented young ladies studied C++ and game design to produce their very first game. Flying from California, the junior game designers are the masterminds behind the amazing the story of a princess wishing to be herself. Focusing on empowering young girls, the junior developers wanted to cultivate the characters to be in charge of their own destiny and future. The game follows the protagonist Wendy, an aspiring archaeologist who unexpectedly travels back in time to find and rescue a princess. Trying to find her way home, the game focuses on solving riddles, looking for clues, rescue a missing princess, and learning major lessons about identity and courage along the way.

I got to meet two of the junior developers, Samantha and Serena about their experiences working with Girls Make Games.
Girl Make Games is funded by Kickstarter supports and gaming companies seeing the value of more game design classes for younger girls.


find out a Girl Make Games program near you, head on over to their website here! Check out The Hole Story now on Steam Greenlight! To know why it matters so much to foster programs like these, check the video below.


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