For those of you who don’t know, the Hearthstone World Championship qualifiers are approaching! The championship itself is going to take place at BlizzCon 2014, and has a total prize pool of $250,000, with first place alone taking home $100,000. The America qualifiers are going to be quite large, 130 players are participating. To qualify you have to be a top 16 Legend player within ranked play during a month from April to August. The last call tournament signups have already taken place September 6th, and the phase 1 qualifier was on September 11th-13th. To meet some of the players that are going to be in the World Championship, look here! I’m really excited to see how the tournament pans out, and also to watch such high level play.
If you haven’t played Hearthstone, it is a digital CCG, or collectible card game that was developed by Blizzard and set in the Warcraft universe. The game itself if available on PC, Mac, and IPad for free. Recently, Curse of Naxxramus came out, which was the first adventure added to the game. An adventure is a single-player mode against a computer with bosses. The game itself has been hugely popular, with over 10 million accounts.
I’ve been playing a lot of Hearthstone during my downtime. I try to at the very least play a game during my breakfast in the morning. It is a really great game to fill time, like between DOTA 2 games, since the matches take such a short time to complete. Right now, my favorite character is the Warlock. I enjoy his Life Tap hero power where he takes two damage to draw a card. This allows you to sometime get the cards you direly need. I also really like Lord Jaraxxus, he is a lot of fun and his voice acting always makes me laugh. I have a deathrattle deck I’ve been playing, as well as a really aggressive deck. What deck types do you prefer? What about your favorite hero?