All about the ABIT Fatal1ty Shootout

On the final day of ECTS 2004, ABIT and “fatal1ty” team up for a gaming shootout in Leicester Square, London. There were several other distributors and booths up around the ABIT stage (such as Scan and VIA), although the fatal1ty shootout was the clear audience grabber. Anyone who could beat fatal1ty in Doom III would win £1000. As there were thousands of onlookers, a raffle system was introduced, with tickets being handed out by the following lovely ladies:


There were several demonstrations of the new ABIT motherboards software overclocking utilities in a VapoChill case. Staff from Bit-Tech and Fata1ity talked about the advantages of such a system, and demonstrated the overclocking capabilities. Ironically, this PC crashed during one of the final games of the day.

After the promotional talks and some Q&A with the audience, the raffle for a chance to play Fata1ity started. Batches of 5 people were picked at a few intervals during the day. The first couple of gamers had never played Doom III before, nor any game along the same sort of lines. Both competitors lost 6-0.

The 3rd competitor from France had played Counterstrike before, but not Doom III. He put up an entertaining fight for the crowd, and got a few good hits on Fatality. After 3 mins, the game was over (6-0 to Fata1ity once again).

When the 4th ticket was called, it was none other than myself who was called up to battle in Doom III. After playing Doom III for about a good ten minutes in Single Player mode before getting scared, I thought I’d have a tiny chance of at least one kill. How wrong I was!

After 3 minutes, I join the ranks of the people before me – and lost 6-0 like everyone that day. I did manage to get his health to around 20% after cornering him behind a pillar, but this guy is GOOD! As a consolation prize to all of the competitors, they handed out a small “Guru” laptop optical mouse. The two competitors that lasted the longest time got to play against each other for a chance to win an Intel P3.4.

Once 5 O’Clock came, the event came to a close and everyone caught the train/tube back to their respective stations. Although the event was quite small, it was much more entertaining than ECTS. We did leave with a small optical mouse, a couple of free VIA T-Shirt from Claire at Axalia