Recently I got my hands on Call of Duty: Adanced Warfare and long story short it’s fun. Call of Duty has been on a downward spiral for the last several games with it peaking at MW3 and sales just started crashing after that. Now the name Call of Duty is almost a hindrance for this new title. Yes some people will buy it because it is Call of Duty and I think those people will be aggravated once they first get their hands on it because it is new.



The campaign is better than previous games with intense action sequences and great visuals during cut scenes that almost look like they are live action. The plot is very cookie cutter and basic good becomes bad guy and tries to take over the world yada yada. That being said the performances in this game are fantastic and the missions are fun and never feel tedious. The use of future military tech is supposed to make you feel superhuman and it does. The action sequences are some of the best parts about the campaign leaving you begging for more and delivering in almost every mission. Besides the story and the dry characters the campaign is a very enjoyable experience.




The biggest change to the latest installment of the Call of Duty franchise is the addition of the exo suit in the multiplayer. This adds a new level of verticality and mobility that can only be compared to Titan Fall. Sledgehammer definitely wanted something new and they made it happen. This installment doesn’t play like other CoDs; the ability to dash and leap great distances add a quicker and chaotic pace to the battlefield. While it may take awhile to get used to this once you start to figure it out you will be pleased that you did.



With more mobility come new map designs and boy are they new. Instead of fighting in cramped corridors with a few open spaces like in other CoDs the maps in Advanced Warfare all feel very open and inviting to the new style of play. Rooftops are no longer a sniper haven, now rooftops are a very exposed and often active spot in most maps. The new maps are great, but more would be appreciated but I guess that is why the season pass is a thing.



While movement has changed drastically and the overall feel of the game has changed with it. Advanced Warfare’s guns seem to be the games weakest point. All the guns are very different with their own unique twist that give more flavor to the game, but the guns still feel like they belong in a Call of Duty game. Which there is nothing wrong with that, just with all the changes it was interesting to see the guns got what seems like the least attention?





  • Grenades aren’t a major part of the game.
  • The exo abilities while cool and veritable are imbalanced and only a few are worth using.
  • Killstreaks are very impressive being able to customize each one to fit your taste.
  • Most perks don’t feel like they do much or change how the game is played.



Advanced Warfare is a fresh installment to the Call of Duty franchise. It is exactly what the series needs and I hope future games will follow in this one’s footsteps and try to innovate and make new experiences for the players. This game is a shining example of not completely straying from your roots but also not remaking an exact clone of the previous game. I would recommend this game to any fan of the first person shooter genre.



Quentin SmithQuentin Smith is a college student studying Telecommunications at Ball State University. He loves gaming, movies, and television. Quote: “One day I hope I can sit around and play video games for a living but until then I will follow my other passion writing.”