Are there no good sports role models? Read below for an interesting article about how Fatal1ty is the one clear choice in the pro-sports world.

Article by Jeff Van Gelder NI Sports Satirist for Northern Iowan Newspaper

Saint: Let’s face it: in today’s world sports are held above every other activity in life. There are no good sports role models. We credit athletes with being the best physical specimens in the world. But what about the other aspects of life?

Time after time these ‘professionals’ are coming up short in providing us with a morally sound human. Super Bowl players (Tank Johnson) are being allowed to disregard probation limits to help a team play a game. I’m absolutely sure that the judge presiding over that certain Illinois district made his/her decision based on what’s best for Tank, and not because his/her favorite team needed some help in the middle of the defensive line. His ‘collection’ of weapons had to wait until after the Bears lost.

All across sports athletes are committing crimes and we just let it slide because they bring us enjoyment, or at least let us escape from our daily lives. The Cincinnati Bengals are an obvious example. Carmelo Anthony gets in trouble because his ‘friend’ left some marijuana in his bag that the cops found after pulling him over. Kobe Bryant commits adultery and Los Angeles (and Boston Celtics’ fans for some reason) cheers on Kobe and chants MVP. LeBron James gets millions upon millions of dollars to be tall and look good in Nike apparel. This ‘man’ doesn’t even have as much schooling as every freshman at UNI. Kenny Rogers beats up a cameraman, signs a two-year $16 million contract with the Detroit Tigers, and then has a dirt smudge on his hand during the World Series. It’s quite apparent that character means nothing in the sports world.

Sinner: This may be a first, but I think I have to agree with Saint. I mean lord knows I love it when these ‘Gods on Earth’ get praise and adoration while still being terrible people, but often times I find myself getting a little queasy with how many bad things are happening. Instead of just berating the current role models like Saint, I will offer a new role model; a new and improved individual with all the skills and athleticism necessary to deserve our attention. There is one clear choice: Fatal1ty.

He is the number one video gamer in the world. You can see all his stats and information at His winning percentage is amazingly high. His name is pronounced just like fatality, but for copyright reasons his name is spelled with the number one. Not only does he spend the time necessary to be the best at his craft, he shares a vision to “(help) change the image of the video gamer into one of a well rounded, well spoken and dedicated professional.” This is the type of person we can all relate to, but also respect.

Video games are no longer only for the overweight and pseudo-athletes (Myself included.) They are for upstanding people that know what life is all about: well, I don’t know exactly what life is all about, but I’m sure these people are much better persons than those of the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. In fact video games are creating their own leagues for athletes to join. The Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) and Global Gaming League (GGL) host competition year-round. If you think you are worthy of competing in Quake, WarCraft, Halo, or PainkilleR, you should check out the web and enter some competitions. Maybe soon enough you can be crowned a champion. Then you can be given your own website, get media sponsors, and make lots of money, because when it comes down to it: isn’t that everyone’s main idol anyway?