ASRock’s Latest Fatal1ty Z87 Killer Motherboard!

Revealed on September 18th, the newest addition to the ASRock catalogue comes with the catchy “No lag, just frag!” Fulfilling every letter of its motto, the Fatal1ty Z87 Killer motherboard is the first Killer LAN-integrated motherboard.What makes ASRock Fatal1ty Z87 Killer Series motherboards so special is that it adopts Killer™ E2200 Intelligent Networking Platform, which boosts the performance of online games, high quality streaming media and other time sensitive UDP (User Datagram Protocol) based applications up to 5 times! Experiments at our lab have proven that Killer LAN is especially good at reducing the latency in online games, for instance the latency in League of Legends can be reduced by 136%, and the latency in Diablo3 is reduced by 60% and DOTA2 by 47%. When it comes to professional gaming, even millisecond decisions may turn the tides of war, either you kill LAG, or be killed by LAG. Hence with the onboard Killer E2200 LAN solution, LAG will never be an excuse for losing anymore.



Not convinced yet? Immediately head over to the Fatal1ty Z87 Killer webpage or the official ASRock website for full specification listing and more in-depth information.







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