It is fun to play games with other people. It is pretty much the reason people started to play games in the first place. Playing board games wouldn’t be fun if you were the only one moving any pieces and playing competitively or coop would suck if it were just your character mindlessly running around an empty map. Other people add to the experience of gaming and since early on, there has been a strong video game community. So to honor the concepts of community, Awesome Games Done Quick was created.

Awesome Games Done Quick is an annual speed running event that raises money to fund cancer research. The event runs until the 13th.

Gamers who are expert speed runners at their respective games are signed up ahead of time and are given a schedule for which games they will play when. All other participants, just sit back and watch the players do what they do best.

The money is raised by people paying a registration fee to actually attend the event. The fee is $50 for a pass to attend the ten day event that takes place in Virginia.

If someone wants to watch the events but does not have a way to get to Virginia or don’t want to attend the event in person, Awesome Games Done Quick has their own Twitch page with live streaming and donations can be made to them directly. Last year, Marcus “Notch” Persson, the creator of Minecraft, donated $10,000 to the event.

Aside from just donating for the love of your fellow man, there are different incentives the event gives to the donator to spice things up a bit.

For example, there are donation incentives set for many of the games that people are playing. So if there is a goal set for a certain amount of money to be donated to one person’s stream and their game, then they would have to do something special. Such as, beating the game in a lesser amount of time or not being allowed to use any power ups and so on.

There are also bid wars which are more personal. Some games have different aspects to a character being played that you can change. This could be what color they are or what their name is. These aspects are bid over like an auction and the winner gets to choose what these designs will be.

All in all the event is fun and it is creative in using gaming and gamers to promote a great cause. If you want to be part of the action, check out Awesome Games Done Quick and see what all the fuss is about.

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