A new post was made on Battlefield’s official blog about the feedback from the beta. “Even though the beta was just a small taste of the complete package we plan to deliver with Hardline, the amount of feedback we got from players around the world has been incredible and will help ensure we make Hardline a better game when it launches this October” Thad Sasser, the Lead Multiplayer Designer, mentioned within the blog. Within the post, some of the many fixes and improvements that will be made to the final version have been outlined. One thing they changed is the movement, which was claimed to be sluggish in the beta. Player movement speed is now upped by 10%, and you also will get another 10% bonus with your pistol out. Suppression has been changed so that your aimpoint is no longer affected, but your situational awareness is. The survivalist gadget has been changed to revive you at one health and will auto-inject after five seconds, and the camera shake within High Tension was toned down. More special vehicles are being added, as well as other edits to the vehicles such as ‘weak spots’ and the ability to nudge vehicles out of being stuck.


What did you think of the beta? Were there any bugs you noticed that you really wanted changed? What about anything you really loved about the game in particular?


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