Big Changes in New League of Legends Patch

Earlier this week, posted some information they discovered from the recent updates to the League of Legends PBE (Public Beta Environment), where Riot Games tests new features and changes. One of the changes that Riot is testing in the PBE is a change that many people have been requesting for a very long time. This is the ability, dubbed “Undo”, to return items to the shop and gain back what you spent for that item. What that means is when you accidentally buy the wrong sword you’ll be able to return it for your full gold back so you can then buy the right item.

This definitely is a tricky feature to implement. There are many situations where something like this could be abused. For example, being able to buy an item to increase your damage when you’re using a champion with a global ability like Karthus, using his ability, and then selling it to get your money back for no penalty. Riot Games has made it so that, with this new undo feature,  you can only return items if you still have your shop open, have not left the spawn area, and importantly have not used the item to immediately impact the game (like Karthus ultimate).

This is a really welcomed change because a lot of people have been requesting this for a long time now. Accidentally buying the wrong items has annoyed many of League of Legends’ millions of players.

They’ve also made a few other changes to items. You can now only have one Boots of Speed which means the game prevents you from accidentally purchasing an extra set of boots (you can only really use one anyway).

Check out the changes and more here


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