Championship Gaming Invitational 2007 Bonus Matchup between Fatal1ty and Stermy on Quake 4

Championship Gaming Series, owned and operated by DirecTV, was founded in 2007 and was aired globally on DirecTV and its affiliates, British Sky Broadcasting and STAR TV (Asia), for 2 years.  Structured like US professional sports leagues, CGS actually held a draft to formulate their teams, which initially consisted of 16 teams representing various cities around the world.  The first draft was held at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles.

Fatal1ty was a member of the original broadcast team, serving as the “color” commentator for both seasons…some called him the John Madden of video gaming.Prior to the start of the Championship Gaming Series Direct TV held an event in an airplane hangar to launch the new league. One of the features of the event was a challenge match between Fatal1ty and Stermy in Quake 4. Click on the link to view this historical match.

Click on the video to view this historical match.
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