Blizzard just released part one  of four detailing how the Garrisons have been coming along for the Warlords of Draenor expansion for World of Warcraft. Part one details the larger idea of Garrisons, and the rest will be going more into the functional depth. The blog states that “We want the process of staking your claim on Draenor to fundamentally shape your gameplay experience. Over the course of building your Garrison, we want you to face exciting decisions that will meaningfully impact how you interact with the world around you, fulfilling that fantasy of building and operating your own Warcraft base.” While you explore throughout Draenor, you are going to be able to choose what kind of buildings you want to add to your Garrison. These decisions reach out past just the functionality of your Garrison, as they will also change your leveling experience, the quests you are able to do and even zone-specific benefits that you can gain once you finish constructing the structure you choose. 45LF42TWD8BU1401228377859You also will have the ability to gain followers for your Garrison, which “—you can think of it sort of like collecting mounts or battle pets.” They will have different skills, and be more efficient being assigned to different parts of your Garrison. They give you many other benefits such as allowing you to have more than just the usual two primary professions, as well as raising the amount of mission rewards you gain. What do you guys think about this new feature? Are you going to be trying the new expansion?
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