fatal1ty brand - built to win

Brand Story


The Fatal1ty Brand started with Johnathan Wendel's drive and relentless pursuit to become the worlds #1 gamer.

As a 12 Time FPS Esports Major Champion, he puts it simply, "I play the game how it has to be played to win the game."

Every Fatal1ty product has the same dedication to the quality, function and form that he puts into his game.

In the last two decades, the Fatal1ty Brand has developed award winning products in headphones, sound cards, power supplies and motherboards.

Today the brand looks to continue to find new ways to help gamers play to their full potential through products built specifically for gaming at the highest level.

Fatal1ty - Built to Win.


Brainstorming begins on what it takes to become a world champion gamer. 

With the amount of training that is required to make it to the top, wrist health becomes a major factor in the first creation of the oversized gaming mousepad for extra comfort and better overall aim with lower sensitivity.

Fatal1ty Mousepad

The beginning of product development.  Fatal1ty saw game improvement first in mousepads.  Having more space to shoot his opponents, he was racking up multiple world championships starting at the age of 18 years old in Stockholm, Sweden and later that year in Texas, Germany & South Korea.


Fatal1ty wins Unreal Tournament 2003 World Championship in Dallas, TX and launches Fatal1ty Inc (Fatal1ty Brand) via MTV True Life: I'm a Gamer which ended up airing for over a decade as this was the first glimpse into esports on a national level.


Fatal1ty.com is launched with online sales creating an instant buzz in the esports world where almost every gamer is craving a oversize gaming mousepad.  Sales were surpassing actual prize pool earnings in the first year.

Product Licensing

The brand started taking new shape with partnering with leading manufacturers to make specific built products for gamers.


Fatal1ty partnered with Creative Labs which lead to millions of headsets & soundcards sold around the globe. 

Fatal1ty Gaming Headset

The first purpose built gaming headset with a built in removable microphone so gamers could play and talk to their teammates with ease.  Affordable gaming headphones with amazing sound performance.


Fatal1ty partnered with ABIT & ASRock to launch the first gaming brand division for motherboards.

Fatal1ty Gaming Motherboards

Game enthusiasts and professional gamers knew if they bought a Fatal1ty branded product, it was built for gaming.  This was an untapped market and gamers across the globe knew they could trust the quality and product development.


Be relentless, be legendary and play to your fullest potential.

Fatal1ty Esports Lifestyle

12 Championships in 5 different games.

1st - XSI, Sweden (Quake 3)
1st - Razer CPL, Texas (Quake 3)
1st - Frag 4 CPL (clan Kapitol), Texas (Quake 3)
1st - World Cyber Games Challenge, South Korea (Quake 3)
1st - CPL Pacific Atomic Event, Australia (Quake 3)
1st - CPL Europe, Germany (Quake 3)
1st - CPL Winter, Texas (AVP2)
1st - CPL Winter 2002 (Unreal Tournament 2003)
1st - QuakeCON 2004 (Doom 3)
1st - CPL Asia, Singapore (PainkilleR)
1st - CPL Summer, Texas (PainkilleR)
1st - $1M CPL World Championship Finals, New York City (PK)

Fatal1ty Brand

The original esports gaming brand developed by the 12x esports world champion gamer in Quake 3 Arena, Unreal Tournament 2003, Aliens Vs Predator 2, Doom 3 and Painkiller.

Johnathan Wendel's relentless pursuit to help inspire people to play games and compete at their highest level is why he was inducted into the Esports Hall of Fame and received a Lifetime Achievement award in 2020.

Today, Fatal1ty is constantly looking for new ways to help the next generation of gamers with purpose built products.

Purpose built products to help every gamer play to their full potential.

"Practice, practice, practice.  That's the only way, the only way you're going to be number one at anything.  Practice, practice. practice."

-Johnathan Wendel | Fatal1ty