Channel Spotlight – Fatal1tyTV

By: Drew Martz

Hello, and welcome to a special blog segment that shall henceforth be named as “the Channel Spotlight”!

If you’re already subscribed to Fatal1tyTV, then congratulations! You already know everything that I’m going to write about. If you aren’t, then this post is for you, because I’m going to tell you what this channel is all about.


Fatal1tyTV is more than your stereotypical gaming channel that just posts unedited gameplay videos and calls it a day. With over 120 videos ranging from Q&A’s, giveaways, vlogs, game previews, and impressive gameplay footage for many different games by Fatal1ty himself, Fatal1tyTV is full of hours and hours of quality entertainment.

Fatal1tyTV’s latest video, which you can find here:, is a great example of the content you can find on the channel. Go on, click the link and watch the video. I’ll wait.

Did you watch it? Good. See what I’m talking about? Now, surely you want to click off this article and go watch more videos, so I’ll wrap things up. With over 5000 subscribers and almost 1,000,000 total views, Fatal1tyTV is your one-stop source for all things Fatal1ty, as well as a hub for quality gaming entertainment. Go subscribe. You know you want to.



About the blogger

Drew Martz is a junior at the University of Michigan studying Computer Science, and has been an avid gamer since he was only 5 years old. His favorite games include League of Legends, Pokémon, and Animal Crossing, but also is a big fan of the RPG genre.  His dream job is to be a character designer.  In his downtime, when he’s not playing games or following E-Sports, Drew enjoys binge-watching TV shows on Netflix and YouTube videos.