Operation Supply Drop Announces “Christmas with Fatal1ty” Raffle!


Are you a fan of first person shooters, but are struggling to keep your kill/death ratio at a non-embarrassing number? Do you jump into Call of Duty and spend more time watching the “killcam” then scoring headshots for your team? Well, thanks to a partnership between military gaming charity Operation Supply Drop and legendary e-Sports ninja Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, one individual will have a unique opportunity to hold court with the first person shooter master.

Fatal1ty is offering up a lesson to the winner of our December charity raffle (raising money to help build video game care packages for troops); an hour long lesson on how to frag. And let’s face it: you want to have the guy who currently holds the Guinness World Record on fragging (672 kills in 60 minutes, set in 2009) show you just how he puts a hurt on his competition!

Simply donate to Operation Supply Drop for your chance to win!

1) Use the Chipin link on the front of Front Towards Gamer.com. OR
2) Use the Chipin link on the front page of Operation Supply Drop.org. OR
3) Make a Paypal donation to donations@operationsupplydrop.org.
Every $3 you donate gets you one raffle ticket towards winning the grand prize, and there’s no limit to how many tickets you can purchase!

The drawing will be held on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2012 at 12:00 Eastern Standard Time!

Click below to see more information and make your donation now!

Operation Supply Drop Fatal1ty Raffle