Clash of Clans Updates, Now Includes Witches

Clash of the Clans, the iPhone game I’m in love with and have been playing a lot lately, has recently pushed out a new update to the game. This update is kind of cool as it adds a new unit to your army, a Witch, a new building upgrade, and also adds the ability to save and share replays of your battles.

In this case the witch unit is basically a necromancer added to your army. She practices the dark arts and can raise the dead, turning bodies of dead warriors on the field into hordes of skeletons. This adds even more to your arsenal, taking the warriors that would normally die and disappear off the battle field and reanimating them to make them last longer. The new witch needs a level 5 Dark Barracks, the new building upgrade included in this patch. The upgrade is pretty far out there so unless you have a well developed clan, you won’t be seeing the witch any time soon in your own army.


Another thing added in this update is shareable replays. This is pretty cool because if you have a really good attack or awesome defense that you want to share with your clan mates, now you can.

This update brings a couple more changes to the game but these two additions were probably the biggest of the patch. The patch also includes some small nerfs and buffs here and there for better balance, and gives the ability to mute users in the global chat (which in the past has gotten pretty annoying!).

As I said before, Clash of Clans has been a really fun game. I find myself going back to it each day, and it’s great to see the developers continuing to support it with updates and new additions. There are a lot more things that could be added to make this game even better, but I’m sure the developer is working towards that. The addition of the new witch is a great start.