Computex 2013

This year’s Computex in Taipei, Taiwan started off strong with the successful launch of new Fatal1ty Gaming Gear products from partners OCZ and ASRock.   Fatal1ty was in attendance to hold meet and greets and to participate in key stage shows and demos to introduce the new product features and specifications including Q&A stage sessions with the press and fans.  The new Fatal1ty products include an updated 550w and 750w power supply units by OCZ with ASRock debuting the new Z87 Professional and H87 Performance Series Motherboards.

In a Computex showdown, and his first professional match of consequence since 2007, Fatal1ty was challenged by his former sparring partner (and only sparring partner to ever beat Fatal1ty at PainKiller) Kyle “relic” Mims to an exclusive Painkiller 1v1 competition. Held at Taipei 101 building Spark night club, OCZ  put up a prize amount of NT$300,000 payable to relic, should he be victorious.

Stay tuned for our special Computex showdown video recap coming soon!