Counter-Strike Days

I was surfing around Reddit recently and saw some good posts pop up about Counter-Strike 1.6. One gave me a good chuckle ( The joke is that while you can mute the guy’s team voice chat but you can’t mute the radio commands that you can do in game. Pretty clever of the guy, haha. Granted, you can mute the sounds in the console.

The other one is pretty similar in that it deals with voice chat ( It basically shows the in game character’s mouth moving while he’s using the voice chat. I always liked this little feature.

For those of you who don’t know my past that well, while I was known for my Quake and Painkiller days, I was always a Counter Strike player myself! This was way back in the day in one of the earlier patches, but I had some fun mowing people down in game with those guns. I might have to play Counter-Strike: Global Offense a bit to try it out.  As far as FPS has been concerned I’ve been doing Firefall a lot and people have been telling me to try out Shoot mania which does look pretty cool.

Still, takes me back to the good Counter-Strike days! Who else played back then?

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