Recently at the largest pro tournament for Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, a controversial move caused a large stir. Fnatic, who was facing LDLC, used a boost in order to reach a place on the map that was offering them an extreme advantage. Because of the boost, Fnatic was able to win. LDLC filed a complaint, and then DreamHack referees decided that both sides used “texture transparency and immortal bug” and then decided that the match should be replayed. Eventually, Fnatic forfeited.

A few days before the tournament, 3 professional players were VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) CS:GO competitive scene in hacking scandal, 3 players banned, and about a month ago, Dream Hack fired it’s CEO. It seems like the tournament was just drenched in controversy. What do you guys think of all of these alleged cheating occurrences? Do you agree with all of these calls or think that some of them were unwarranted?



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