Recently, the long awaited Bungie game Destiny hit the consoles. Within this game, you are within the last city on Earth as a Guardian. Within the game you get to travel from Earth to the moon, Venus, and Mars. Of course, there are quite a few things for you to do in this multiplayer game. With all of the previously mentioned worlds to explore, you can explore and aid the cities, find resources to better your gear, as well as join up with other guardians. You can join the Crucible, which is a competitive multiplayer event in which you can earn rewards and reputation. If you are more of a coop player, you can play Strike in which you form a team of three and infiltrate an enemy base, despite waves of enemies and very difficult bosses. Of course, being an MMO, you are able to socialize and also persue the storyline in which you attempt to explore what remains of the Golden Age of humanity.


It seems like everyone has been anxiously awaiting this game’s release, and of course that has only been building with the beta and news releases. There has been really mixed reviews of the game whether it be from beta or beyond, from saying that the game is pretty boring and overhyped, to it being absolutely great. Now that we have had some time to play the game and test it out, what are your opinions and first impressions of the game? Did it live up to the hype, or is it not quite what you thought it would be?