Recently at BlizzCon, Blizzard Entertainment talked about their new team multiplayer shooter game, Overwatch. One of their big points was that the game is being designed to be very approachable and inviting. A big goal was to give the game less of a hardcore shooter feel, giving players objectives besides killing other players. “We want to welcome everybody into this universe in a lot of different ways,” Jeff Kaplan, a designer at Blizzard, stated. This includes not only really easily identifiable skills, but clean and uncluttered art style and even more survivability.

The game itself is going to have 6 vs. 6 modes that will be objective-driven, such as modes similar to capture-the-point. It was also said that the game really is more about the heroes and their personalities rather than the classes. One of the characters that they detailed is Tracer, a young female character that is able to teleport around the battle. She is able to alter time, sending herself back to where, and how, she was 3 seconds ago. This restores things like health, as well as will get her out of a sticky situation. They talked about defensive types of characters, offensive types of characters, tanks, and supports.

How do you guys feel about the game? It sounds very interesting! If you want a peek at the trailer, you can find it here.


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