Don’t Starve Expansion Available on Steam Early Access

Reign of Giants, a new Don’t Starve Expansion, is now available onSteam Early Access for $3.99. The price will raise to $4.99 on April 29th. The new expansion adds biomes, new scientific advancements, new monsters, as well as a full seasons addition with weather like rainstorms and extremely hot summers. Also, everyone in the beta will update to the live version after the beta ends. Don’t Starve is really an interestingly styled survival game, that is addictive and definitely worth the price. It has almost a Tim Burton-esque feel to the art style. Are you guys a fan of the survival genre? If so, what’s your favorite?

Johnathan Wendel aka Fatal1ty is a 12 Time World Champion Video Gamer in 5 different games and Founder of Fatal1ty Gaming Gear. Follow him on Twitter here.


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