Doom and Quake

The makers of all things Doom and Quake are shown off every year in full effect at this event in Dallas, Texas.  Gamers from all around the world travel here for this Woodstock gaming experience.

We play, socialize and celebrate our love for all things id software developed.  It gave us that first itch to play competitively and countless sleepless nights where we all know we should of went to bed at 10pm, but somehow all of a sudden it was 3am.

For many reasons this is one of the best events of the year if your a competitive gamer.  You get a chance to challenge yourself and learn new things about the game that you might never of known.

I personally know my experience by traveling to LAN (Local Area Network) parties all over the world has helped shape me into a better gamer.  You will always learn more about the game talking freely with your friends, and also the experience playing with 0 latency will help you understand the very raw basics of the game and show you the games full potential.

I hope to see some of you gamers at this years QuakeCON, and if not this years, possibly some in the future.

Play it to the bone and always LAN as much as possible to take your game to the next level!