If you’ve been watching my streams lately, you might have noticed that I’ve been playing a lot of DOTA 2 lately. DOTA 2 is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game that is set up 5v5. At the beginning of the game you pick from a pool of over 100 characters, called Heroes, who each have their own abilities and finish moves. The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy’s base, called an Ancient, which is guarded by turret-like towers. The games can last anywhere from around 20 minutes to over an hour.

I’m very new to this game, though I’ve played League of Legends & Heroes of Newerth before jumping into DOTA 2.  While I’ve been streaming, the community has been really helpful. A lot of people have come to my stream and given me help since I’m still learning things like which Heroes counter what, and what items are best to use in certain situations. It’s been really fun to interact with my fans who are willing to teach me the common basics of the game so I have even a quicker learning curve.

The character I’ve liked the most so far has been Puck. Puck plays a lot of mind games with his/her opponents and is very elusive. Puck is also a great ‘initiator’ which allows me to cause a lot of trouble for the opposing team.  Every time I use puck, I’m always trying to think of clever ways to confuse my opponents.

I spent a lot of time working with my config lately which I might release later if people are interested in it, but it’s mainly a config I setup where I could hit multiple keys as fast as possible.  I’m literally trying to minimize as much time as possible when hitting buttons so I can focus more on the battlefield, rather than myself.


DOTA 2 has been getting really huge in the eSports scene lately. Recently the Internationals were held, and the prize pool was $10,930,698! The winning team, Newbee, won $5,028,121. Though Valve added to this pool, most of it was raised by the fans buying in-game items that supported the tournament. This was the biggest eSports prize pool ever!  I’m always excited and thrilled to see advancements in eSports, and definitely this is putting all of us on the map!


eSports is the sport of the 21st century!


If you haven’t played or checked out dota2 at all, definitely download it for free and hop on.  Come join and watch me play some DOTA2 on twitch.tv/fatal1ty.


Play it to the bone!