ESports have recently begun jumping into the spotlight.

Because of this, I have noticed a lot of smaller, localized tournaments popping up. Most of these tournaments cost very little to play in, and are a great way for you to support your local e-sports community. As I have long preached, entering these local tournaments is a great way to hone your skills toward becoming a skilled e-sports player…plus practice, practice, practice.

There are plenty of community resources to find out about these tournaments, but one resource I found is TournamentSeeker. With this site you can search through posted tournaments and get the necessary details to see if there are any tournaments that you would want to participate in.

For example, there are a few really interesting tournaments happening this weekend. One is taking place in Sparks, Nevada. It is being hosted by K/D Empire and includes games like Super Street Fighter 4, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and the classic Super Smash Bros. Melee.  It’s only $5 per player to sign up, unless you are playing Street Fighter, in which case you pay $10. This kind of event is an in-expensive, fun, and easy way to show off your skills as well as meet other devoted players in the competitive gaming community! I highly encourage you guys to find a tournament near you and try it out sometime!