eSports Gets its Dues


By – Trevor Shanahan


Giant Enemy Crab hasn’t been around for that long, but they may already be looking to make their mark in their first title: Due Process.  They describe the game as a “very alpha love letter to ‘classic’ tactical shooters or yore,” making nods to tiles like SWAT and the Rainbow Six franchise.  With this in mind it should be no surprise that the game’s core themes are teamwork/cooperation, and careful planning.  The game proceeds as follows:

  • At the start teams have 2 minutes to use a John Maddenesque drawing tool to plan their attack or defense.
  • Tools are available during these 2 minutes like breaching charges to break walls, riot shields for mobile cover, and night vision goggles to aid in your task.
  • Then the two teams engage in a battle that can last mere moments.

The simple planning interface coupled with the short match time means a lot of matches could be played per unit time.  Factor in a very viewer-friendly presentation in the planning and battle phases and you have a tournament/streaming dream.

Due Process img 2

An image of the planning phase for the red team using both identifiable and unidentifiable symbols (what is !G).  Viewers of a tournament or broadcast can see and hear both teams plan their attack/defense and commentators can easily add “color” and insight.


eSports is growing in total viewers, participants, and broadcasters year over year.  Imagine a game that is built to be displayed to viewers, is easy to play, and its matches can be over really quickly in bouts of chaos and gaming athleticism; doesn’t this sound like Due Process?

Due Process img 3 Due Process img 4

Riot shields (pictured), breaching charges, and night vision goggles (pictured) can help tip the scale in your team’s favor if used well.


The game is still “Alpha as f***” as the developers say, meaning there’s still a long road ahead to get the game to a finished state.  Don’t let that stop you from checking it out though, there are opportunities to check out the alpha version of the game and follow the latest developments via their website.  Currently they’re adopting a new art style that does away with block imagery and embraces a neat new look.

Due Process img 5

Old art style.

Due Process img 6

New art style.


Check out to keep up with all things Due Process and Giant Enemy Crab.




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