eSports News – June 16th, 2015

Welcome to another eSports news coverage!  Let’s get started!

By: Drew Martz

               A few days ago, ESPN The Magazine revealed its newest issue, titled “The eSports Issue”.  Seattle Seahawks player Marshawn Lynch graces the cover in a Call Of Duty-style body suit, with one of the featured articles focusing on his role within the recently-announced Black Ops III game and his own love of gaming.  Several other people are featured within the magazine, such as Kevin Durant and Patrick Peterson, but not all are traditional athletes.  Gaming superstars Faker and PewDiePie are also featured and interviewed in the issue.  Megan Greenwell, the senior editor for the magazine, states that she would love to cover eSports in an issue annually, as she believes “we’re witnessing the birth of a sport.”

The three and a half-month long Nvidia Pro/Am Hearthstone tournament ended yesterday, with the Russian underdog Viktor Stay taking home the win and the $10,000 prize.  Even after falling to the losers bracket, Viktor was able to persevere and topple the rest of his opponents to end in a first place victory.

In DOTA 2-related news, the DotaPit League Season 3 Tournament that started back in January finally resumed this week with Cloud 9 facing Mousesports tonight and the long-awaited matchup between Team Secret and Evil Geniuses being broadcasted on Saturday.  The ECL 2015 enters the closing stages this weekend with Invictus Gaming, LGD, CDEC, and Dream Gaming all vying for the grand prize of over $20,946, and the International 2015 Compendium just reached the $13 million mark to unlock the Bristleback announcer pack, getting ever closer to their goal of $15 million.


Finally, Riot announced the seeding for the League of Legends World Championship 2015.  Not much has changed since last year, except for the fact that now Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau will no longer be included in the International Wildcard Qualifiers, allowing for smaller regions such as Southeast Asia and Japan to make their Worlds debut more easily.


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