eSports News Update – June 1st, 2015

By: Drew Martz

Welcome back to another eSports News Update.  Let’s get right on into it!

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A lot of notable retirements have transpired over the past month and a half, some more controversial than others.  After taking second place in the North American Championship Series with his team Cloud9, League of Legends player Hai announced his retirement from the team due to longstanding wrist problems, with European player Krepo announcing the same a few days later.  A few weeks prior to that announcement, Call of Duty star NaDeSHoT also announced his withdrawal from professional life, citing general frustrations with playing.  However, the most shocking announcement came from CLG’s Link, who coupled his retirement announcement with an 18-page compendium of the reasons why he retired, and the current state of CLG and League of Legends as a whole.  Calling out massive cooperative flaws in his team and even certain people in particular, this move caused a lot of controversy in the community, and shed a light on how some pro gaming teams operate when under constant duress.


Also, this past week signaled the preparation of the summer competitive scene.  The DOTA 2 International 2015 qualifiers start this week, with the Chinese and American qualifiers starting on the 25th and the SEA and European qualifiers starting three days later on the 28th.  Each qualifier lasts for four days: three days for group stages and the last day for a double elimination bracket for the top teams of groups.  League of Legends also started up its Fantasy LCS for the summer split this past week.  Just like other sports fantasy leagues, Fantasy LCS allows you to draft your own team of pro players and rack up points as they play.  This is my first year participating in Fantasy LCS with some of my friends, and I’m excited to bait and outsmart my competition (I’m coming for you, guys).

That’s all for this week!  Check back next time for the latest eSports news!


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