eSports Panel

  at Social Media Week


Social Media Week recently hosted their first ever panel on professional gaming and eSports with some of the most respected panelists in the industry. The main reason this panel was hosted was because eSports has experienced some tremendous growth with more and more people discovering this phenomenon. Most people would be taken by surprise after hearing  video gamers traveling the world making six-figure salaries and competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions.

However, even with that surprise, it seems eSports has just begun to capture the main stream interest. During the past few years eSports experienced a huge jump in growth in many different areas, most specifically in 2012 with games like League of Legends.

The panelists were Rod Breslau, a close friend of mine who has been in eSports since the very beginning and now works at GameSpot, Deric Ortiz of One Nation of Gamers, a group that came about recently to organize community gatherings in celebration of eSports, Reed Albers from the Entertainment Software Association, and Ben Goldhaber from Twitch TV.  Esports is a massive community, but it is still untapped  with more and more companies looking to establish themselves in this emerging space.

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