Scholarships for Professional Gaming?

With eSports taking the world by storm some groups have begun to realize its true potential. One of these groups is Robert Morris University located in Chicago Illinois. This university started to give scholarships for professional gaming. The scholarship pays for half of their tuition plus room and board. While this sounds like a sweet deal, not just anyone can get one of these scholarships. You have to be on pro level of play which takes a lot of time and effort.

The only scholarships being given are for League of Legends which makes a lot of sense because it is amongst the top three highest prize pool holders in eSports, it stands up at the top with DOTA and Starcraft. The prize pool for the League of Legends world tournament this year is huge with the winners taking away 1 million dollars. That’s a lot of cheddar no wonder Robert Morris University wants a stab at the competition.

It is obvious that professional gaming is becoming a much more widely accepted concept in America even though some think it shouldn’t be considered an actual sport. One of these people happens to be the CEO of ESPN John Skipper, when asked about the current rise of eSports he stated “it’s not a sport — it’s a competition. Chess is a competition. Checkers is a competition….Mostly; I’m interested in doing real sports.” While he did say this, he also said “you really can’t ignore it”.

What do you think? Is this the next step for professional gaming? Will Harvard have its own team here before too long?


Quentin SmithQuentin Smith is a college student studying Telecommunications at Ball State University. He loves gaming, movies, and television. Quote: “One day I hope I can sit around and play video games for a living but until then I will follow my other passion writing.”

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