eSports Update –October 5th, 2015

By – Drew Martz

               Hello, and welcome back to another eSports Update! Is anyone else as hyped as I am about the League of Legends World Championships? Because I’m pretty hyped. Anyway, let’s get started!


First on the docket: assuming you read the last paragraph, the League World Championships started Thursday! Now, I’m not going to go into full details about each individual game in these posts, but I will give broad updates on the status of the tournament as a whole. Group stages will go on until October 11th, and consist of a double round robin matchup between each team in their respective groups (for more on that, check out the last eSports Update!). As of the time of writing, only one day of games has occurred, with the notable outcomes including EU’s Fnatic annihiliating fellow top contender iG, NA’s Cloud9 winning an upset victory over AHQ, and NA’s CLG beating out Taiwan’s Flash Wolves in a close game.

            In more League of Legends-related news, Riot Games also announced that their North American Collegiate Championship would return for a third run with registration opening on October 5th. 32 teams will qualify, and the top collegiate team will net themselves $30,000 each in scholarships.

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All the way back in May, Valve announced that they would be holding 3 additional DOTA 2 tournaments throughout the year to supplement the downtime that occurred during non-International season. Last week, Valve gave us a few details about the first of these tournaments, known as “Majors”. Valve announced that the Frankfurt Major, taking place in, well, Frankfurt, Germany from November 16th to 21st, will feature 16 teams and a prize pool of $3 million. Participating teams will be revealed next week.

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Activision announced that they will be running their very own professional Call of Duty league starting in 2016, aptly titled “Call of Duty: World League”. Now, Activision has hosted a Call of Duty Championship each year, but not nearly to this scale: Activision is tripling the prize pool, adding an amateur division called The Challenge Division, and hosting two seasons throughout the year. However, Activision is also adding an age restraint to their league based on each country’s ratings boards, which will probably prevent a few younger players from entering this league.

That’s all for this week! Check back next week for another Indie Game Spotlight, where I review a game very near and dear to my heart… and a game that I suck at playing. See you next time!


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aaaaDrew Martz is a junior at the University of Michigan studying Computer Science, and has been an avid gamer since he was only 5 years old. His favorite games include League of Legends, Pokémon, and Animal Crossing, but also is a big fan of the RPG genre.  His dream job is to be a character designer.  In his downtime, when he’s not playing games or following E-Sports, Drew enjoys binge-watching TV shows on Netflix and YouTube videos.