eSports Update – Week of August 15th, 2015

By – Drew Martz

            Hey y’all, and welcome back to another eSports Update! Let’s get right into it, shall we?


(I’m getting really tired of using the same International picture every post)


First and foremost, The DOTA 2 International 2015 started last weekend! I’ve included details about the tournament in multiple posts in the past, so check those out if you need to get up to speed. The League of Legends NA LCS Summer Split also wrapped up two weeks ago, with Team Liquid taking the top spot after being quite the dark horse leading up to the final weeks.

Speaking of these two hugely-popular games with very large prize pools… DDoS attacks have given both DOTA 2 and LoL quite the issue this past week. The International was targeted on only the second day of play, and the NA LCS Challenger series was also hi  t. Obviously, it’s unclear who the culprit of these attacks was, but with both of these tournaments’ prestige, it’s not like they are small targets. Thankfully, both events were able to recover quickly and without too much delay.

And now for some Call of Duty news! …Yes, a surprise, I know. Anyway, a big announcement was made yesterday by Treyarch that all future CoD tournaments are going to be played on the PlayStation as opposed to the Xbox. This may seem like trivial news, but it really isn’t. Just imagine: training and practicing and scrimmaging for months on an Xbox controller, and then having to switch over to a PlayStation one. It’s a big deal. It’s also a little bit of a surprise, considering when I saw the trailer for the new Xbox One Elite Controller, I felt like it was screaming “HEY ISN’T THIS A REEEALLY NICE CONTROLLER TO PLAY COMPETITIVE COD ON?” We’ll see if this change shakes up anything on the scene in the future, though.


An interesting new startup has started to make some headlines recently. Called, this program allows gamers to instantly upload highlights from their game onto the web and any social media sites. A few high-profile players have already started using the program, such as League players Bjergsen and FeniX, but now has partnered with ESL and will be utilized throughout the Intel Extreme Masters tournaments. This technology will make uploading and showcasing the big plays and highlights that occur throughout the tournament easier than ever before.


This last section doesn’t relate to eSports as much, but it’s still worth mentioning. If you have been on Twitch at all within the last few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that the Summer Games Done Quick speedrun event happened recently, ending with a colossal 1.23 million dollars in donations for the charity Doctors without Borders. I only watched a little bit of the event, but the one thing I did watch in its entirety was the swordless Legend of Zelda speedrun. All I have to say is that it is impressive what you can accomplish with a lot of time on your hands. He ended up failing the final boss, but let’s be real, I probably wouldn’t make it past the first few enemies without dying if I couldn’t use the sword. Overall, the event seemed to be a great spectacle, except when that one dude went off on a tangent about he was probably going to end up becoming a mass murderer. That part was uncomfortable.

(Let’s see how many of you go to YouTube now to find the clip I was just talking about)

That’s all for this week! Check back next week for the next Indie Game Spotlight blog!


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