eSports Update – Week of December 7th

By – Drew Martz

               Hey all, and welcome back to another eSports Update! Let’s get started!

eSports 1

First up on the docket, IEM San Jose, bringing the top players in League of Legends and CS:GO from around the world to compete for the crown. On the League of Legends side of the tournament, this event was the first time we got to see TSM’s drastically different roster in action, but in the end it was Origen who continued to show the dominance they had in Worlds. In the CS:GO tournament, it was Europe’s Na’Vi who took the title over the CS:GO TSM squad in the finals.

eSports 2

The first of Dota 2’s majors concluded in Frankfurt with a surprise win by newcomer team OG. The European team has seemed to now solidify its presence in the Dota scene, besting the team considered to be the best in the world, Team Secret, in the finals 3-1, as well as defeating previous International winners Evil Geniuses prior. The next major was also announced; it will take place in Shanghai in March of 2016.

eSports 3

The two teams for the upcoming League of Legends All-Star event have been announced! For those unfamiliar with the event, it is essentially a fan-driven tournament, where players can vote for their favorite players in each region to represent said region in the tournament. For the sake of keeping this section brief and not turning it into a laundry list, I will link the announcement in this paragraph instead of listing all five players chosen for each of the five regions:

All-Stars is to take place on December 10th in Los Angeles.

eSports 4

Hi-Rez Studios, the developers of the increasingly popular MOBA Smite, has brought its new IP, a Overwatch-style class-based FPS called Paladins, into open beta! Unlike Overwatch’s beta which is extremely limited in who can play (*grumble grumble*), anyone can play Paladins by buying the $20 Founder’s Pack, which includes a beta key, an in-game mount, and 20 chests of five cards each. What are cards, you ask? Well, what distinguishes Paladins from other similar aforementioned titles is its level-up system, which uses cards that players can acquire by playing the game or through microtransactions. These cards give buffs to the player’s abilities, and with a whole bunch of different cards to choose from for each character, you can tailor the experience to your playstyle.

That’s all for this week! I’ll see you next time!



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