eSports Update – Week of November 11th, 2015

By – Drew Martz

               Hey everyone, and welcome back to another eSports Update! Let’s get started!


First and foremost, the League of Legends World Championships! If you haven’t already seen them, and don’t want spoilers, then just go ahead and skip this paragraph, but SKT T1 has become the first League of Legends pro team to win two World Championships. The semi-finalists KOO Tigers were able to take a game off of them in a 3-1 result, preventing SKT T1 from having a perfect Worlds run, but the outcome was not surprising, as SKT T1 has been a fan favorite since the beginning.

Also in League of Legends news, popular pro player and long-time CLG member Doublelift announced that, in a very ironic twist of events, that he will be joining TSM starting next split. Now, this is ironic because the fans of each respective teams are known for their devotion, but with one of the key members of CLG moving to TSM, fans of both teams are split.  It will be interesting to see how the move plays out, for sure.


Next, the Overwatch beta has officially started! If you are among the lucky few to get a key, please let me know what it’s like. I signed up for a key, but unfortunately it’s been a no-go. However, eSports organizations are already flocking to the game, even enlisting former Team Fortress 2 pros to start for their newly formed teams. Judging from the hype, I’m guessing that Overwatch is probably going to start making its way onto these updates quite often in the near future.



That’s all for this week! See you next time!


About the blogger

aaaaDrew Martz is a junior at the University of Michigan studying Computer Science, and has been an avid gamer since he was only 5 years old. His favorite games include League of Legends, Pokémon, and Animal Crossing, but also is a big fan of the RPG genre.  His dream job is to be a character designer.  In his downtime, when he’s not playing games or following E-Sports, Drew enjoys binge-watching TV shows on Netflix and YouTube videos.