eSports Update – Week of November 23rd, 2015

By: Drew Martz

            Hello, and welcome back to another eSports Update! Let’s get started!


In Hearthstone news, the Hearthstone World Championship concluded, with Sebastian “Ostkaka” Engwall taking the title of the second-ever Hearthstone World Champion and bringing home the $100,000 prize pool. The Swede defeated former teammate Dylan “Hotform” Mullins in a one-sided 3-0 match. Many pegged Ostkaka as a tournament favorite from the very beginning, and were proved right by the outcome.

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Next, another world champion has also been crowned. The Heroes of the Storm World Championship ended with the dominant Cloud9 taking home the title of the first-ever HotS world champions and $200,000 prize pool. Cloud9 only lost one game during the course of the championship, solidifying their presence as a force to reckon with in the game.

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Halo 5 was just released only last month, and the game has already been incredibly successful in more than just sales. Halo 5’s version of microtransactions, the REQ system, allows players to purchase in-game content using currency gotten from playing games or using real money, with a portion of the funds going towards the Halo World Championship prize pool. As of November 4th, the system had already raised $500,000, bringing the prize pool up to 1.5 million dollars. The final will take place in March of 2016.

Last weekend was the very first Black Ops 3 tournament since its release, but that’s not the only first. The tournament was broadcast on Twitch despite being an MLG-run event, which is usually shown exclusively on This departure is likely caused by Activision’s creation of the Call of Duty World League and the partnering of MLG. This change will likely attract a new, broader audience to the Call of Duty scene.

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