eSports Update – Week of October 19th, 2015

By – Drew Martz

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another eSports Update! I’m sure you are all expecting me to start with League of Legends news. But I’m not. So there. I’m saving all of that stuff until the end, since there’s a lot of news there.

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Anyway, let’s start with Hearthstone. We now have all 16 representatives for the Hearthstone World Championship, after the Americas region played its regionals earlier this week. Purple, JAB, Hotform, and Nias took the spots from America, and will join Europe’s Ostkaka, Neirea, Lifecoach, and ThijsNL, China’s Zihao, Zoro, LoveCX, and NoTomorrow, and Asia-Pacific’s Pinpingho, Kranich, Neilyo, and Kno. The Hearthstone World Championships will begin in Anaheim, California on November 6-7th.

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Next, some big news for gamers who are itching for something new: Blizzard’s incredibly hyped new title, Overwatch, will be entering closed beta on October 27th. Only a few will receive invites to test the game, and the beta will only take place in the Americas region. However, not all hope is lost: Blizzard also announced that there will be occasionally Beta Test Weekends, which will be open to a much larger playerbase and will be used to conduct stress tests. I’m certainly crossing my fingers for an invite!

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And now, it’s time. A lot of League news has happened over the past two weeks, but that’s because we are right smack dab in the middle of the World Championships.  And I’m not joking by middle: the second stage of play just started this past Thursday, the Knockout Round. But before we get too far into that, let’s share the current standings. The teams to make it to the quarterfinals are as follows: Flash Wolves, KOO Tigers, Fnatic, AHQ Gaming, SKT T1, Edward Gaming, Origen, and KT Rolster.  Unfortunately, NA was unable to make it out of the finals, despite a huge head start… But no matter! We still have Europe! WEST IS BEST, EAST IS LEAST.

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*cough* Sorry. Anyway, in other League news, the NA team with arguably the largest dedicated following, Team SoloMid, announced major roster changes following a disappointing Worlds performance. Top laner Dyrus announced his retirement a while ago, and while his farewell brought a tear to my eye, the other players let go from the roster left me almost as equally distraught. Support Lustboy and jungler with the looks of a model Santorin both announced the withdrawal from the team’s lineup. Lustboy announced he would be moving to an analyst position for TSM, but Santorin’s future is unclear.

That’s all for this week! Don’t forget to check out our very own Fatal1ty on YouTube in the new web series Legends of Gaming! Tune in next week for the next Indie Game Spotlight!




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