Eve Online to Change Expansion Model

Eve Online always has released 2 big expansions a year for free. This will change, as now the game will be getting 10 updates per year instead.This allows for a more aggressive approach to content for the developers. Each update isn’t going to necessarily be extremely large, but they can more quickly fix bugs or add important additions to the game.  CCP states that this lets them take more risks and be more experimental because if somehow something isn’t completely finished or perfected, it is only six weeks until the next expansion. Andie Nordgen, who is the senior producer of the game, says that “For small and medium stuff, we can just finish it and ship it. We can respond faster, keep the game healthy, make fixes to the UI—they don’t have to wait until the next big expansion, in this new model, it doesn’t cost as much to miss a release window.” I think that this is a good and bold move for them. Though its way different then what they have been doing, it will allow them to have more flexibility in releasing content! Do you guys like this model or the last model of release better?

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