My Experience at PAX East

Hi everyone,

I just got back from PAX East.  This is the second time I’ve been to this show, but this one is the tops by far.

I got a chance to work with Ubisoft’s new show, “The Next Level”, which was a ton of fun competing against the other coaches and picking the best gamers at the event to compete in 4 random games.  After our players qualified and made it to the finals, we got to really sit down and coach them on how to play the games most efficiently and go for a chance to win $15,000 for our charities.  I was personally pulling for Operation Supply Drop, which delivers care packages to military men and women overseas in combat zones and/or hospitals.  I love being involved with military charities, as it seems closest to what I’ve done throughout my career as a professional gamer, not to mention that some of my best friends come from the military.

The coaches I competed against, were Meg Turney, Sir Scoots and Miss Harvey, all gaming celebrities in their own right. It was cool to see all the different ways of coaching and supporting their teams.  I wish the event had never stopped, because it was truly so much fun talking smack with all the coaches and telling them they were going down!  🙂

After the dust settled at the event, Meg Turney with team meganerds, won the event with some clutch play from her players and was able to raise $15,000 for Child’s Play.  Was really awesome to see a great event go towards charity, and seeing Meg just go crazy for her team whenever they won a match.  I know Miss Harvey, Sir Scoots and I all wanted to take her down, but it was not in the cards at this PAX event.

Other than that, I got to run into a lot of great friends from the years in competitive gaming.  We went to an Irish Pub called O’Connors, then to a Twitch Party on Friday night.  Saturday I got to have dinner with Nvidia and Gearbox Software which was a lot of fun!  And the following night we all just went around town socializing till about 4am and ended back at my hotel lobby playing games and telling stories.

Was a superb trip and I can’t wait for the next PAX event.  Also can’t forget about The Next Level from Ubisoft.  Thanks so much for letting me a part of the show and look forward to more to come!

Play it to the bone!

Johnathan, Fatal1ty



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