Fallout 4 Confirmed in Development

Not too long ago, a well made teaser site that hinted of a new Fallout game was found to be a hoax. Many fans were upset but there is no need to fear. Documents obtained by Kotaku have proven that the game is indeed in development. According to these documents, the game is set in Boston and the introduction script reveals it starts with “War. War never changes” in classic Fallout fashion. Other details include a mission set in a place called the Institute (described as Fallout’s post-apocalyptic MIT by Kotaku) and the Commonwealth.

The scripts and other documents were sent to Kotaku by a reader and confirmed to be real. Though this confirmation is extremely exciting, it is important to remember that much of the information is bound to change before the actual release, and the game may still be in development for quite awhile. This confirmation is the first received about the next Fallout installments existence, though most people assumed it was being worked on after the release of Skyrim in 2011. Rumors of the game have circulated multiple times, so this news – though exciting – isn’t at all unexpected.