“Having a powerful and consistent power supply is important to make sure all of my components run how they were built to run”, said Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel. “I am really excited about working with OCZ and their PC Power & Cooling unit which is known to employ some of the best PSU engineers in the business.” The Fatal1ty 400w Gaming- Grade PSU has superior features with: 80+, 100K MTBF, and 120mm LED fan. The 400 watt PSU offers gamers the power they need for serious gaming sessions that can last all day and night, allowing gamers a more stable way to play.

The Fatal1ty Professional 550W Modular PSU boasts: 80+, 100K MTBF, 120mm, 40C rating, SLI rating and modular cables for a clean case and improved airflow. This professional upgrade offers more than enough power to run SLI dual graphic cards on the latest high-end platforms, with the most stable power and – gamers don’t want their systems to burn out during the long haul of game playing.

A high-end PSU unit, the Fatal1ty Champion Series 700W PSU, features numerous industrial quality upgrades for gamers including: 80+, 50C, high-end SLI/CF. +12V, single rail and is non-modular for utmost performance. The system has maximum power distribution and efficiency.

“OCZ and Fatal1ty are excited to introduce a complete series of new power supplies designed specifically for the complete spectrum of gamers,” said Ryan Edwards, Director of Product Management for the OCZ Technology Group. “No matter what level of gamer you are, or what type of system configuration you are running, these new PSU’s are designed to pair perfectly with the latest graphics cards and offer clean, stable power for both single and dual GPU setups. 80+ design makes the PSU’s green and more efficient, and premium high reliability, silent LED lit fans ensure that consumers can stay focused on their game.”

These new power supply units will help gamers power through the latest titles with no chance of their system going down in the middle of an important game as a result of an inadequate PSU. Fatal1ty power supply products are superior in make and are ideal upgrades for gamers who need a computer system able to take on hours of non-stop gaming. To learn more about these upcoming products, check out www.fatal1ty.com, and watch for the new power supply products coming soon to fine stores and E-tailers.

About Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel
Johnathan became the world’s first full time professional video gamer in 1999 after accepting an invitation to represent the USA at an international tournament in Stockholm, where he went undefeated with a perfect performance, winning all 18 maps. He has continued to dominate competitions all over the world, competing on 6 continents during his 8-year professional career, including a Gold Medal finish for the USA at the 2000 World Cyber Games in Seoul, Korea.

Winning the 2005 CPL World Tour Finals in New York City secured his twelfth Major Title, accomplished while competing in 5 different games – an unprecedented achievement. His New York City victory earned him $150,000 and brought his 2005 total winnings to $231,000. During his competitive gaming career Fatal1ty has placed 1st in 65% of all the competitions he has entered and top 3 in 90% of them.

In December 2006, Johnathan joined forces with Championship Gaming Series (CGS) as exclusive on-air analyst, global spokesperson and gaming ambassador to help establish competitive video gaming as a 21st century sport. Catch Johnathan and all the action on DirecTV’s channel 101, Sky or Star as well as a live stream on www.thecgs.com.

In August 2007, Johnathan was awarded the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award in the four-year history of the eSports-Award for “showing exceptional sportsmanship, taking part in shaping eSports into what it is today and for being the prime representative of this young sport. He has become the figurehead for eSports worldwide.”

About OCZ Technology
OCZ Technology Group, a member of JEDEC, designs, develops and manufactures ground-breaking, high performance memory and computer components that set industry standards. OCZ products are the first choice for users needing high-reliability, ultra-high performance solutions. In 2007, PC Power & Cooling and Hypersonic PC were brought into the OCZ Technology Group, forming a well-rounded, highly innovative organization that places the company at the forefront of high-end computing. All of OCZ Technology Group’s products are available through its worldwide network of distributors, online resellers and retail stores. For more information visit our website at www.ocztechnology.com

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