QuakeLive & HoN

So if you didn’t know, these are the two games I’ve been playing a lot lately.  I’ve always loved Quake and still do to this day.  It’s one of those games where the gameplay never gets old and is always exciting to play with friends.  I’ve also been playing a lot of Clan Arena lately.  My setup right now is sensitivity 4.3 with no accel and at 500hz on my ms 3.0 intellimouse.  I was using the MS 1.1se for a while, but like the stability of the MS 3.0 for rockets etc.  I’ll keep going back and forth and eventually figure out which one I like the most, but for now its the 3.0.

Here is quick video of me recently playing QuakeLive Clan Arena.


Another game I’ve really been enjoying on the side is Heroes of Newerth.  Really great game where you get to pick your hero and take on other heroes throughout the game.  Its main focus is 5v5 with teams, where the goal is to take out each others towers and eventually destroy their base.  With good teamwork and great hero selection to compliment each other, you can definitely run over your competition.  Check out this Quad Kill I got the other day using Plague Rider.  He’s more of a support unit and comes in to get the final kills.  You’ll see me launch his Ultimate Ability and it bounces off  the opposing team 7 times and does massive damage.


Check it out, And if you want to find me online, I’ll be playing some QuakeLive tonight on the LA Server and probably some HoN as well.  Kind of bounce back and forth depending on the groove.



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