Fatal1ty Tour through Asia and Europe

With the launch of my new Fatal1ty P67 Motherboard, I’m going to be touring all over Asia and Europe for the next 45-50 days.  I’m very excited to go on the road and meet all the distributors and buyers to show off a killer GAMER motherboard.  Working with ASRock to make this killer board has been an exciting adventure, and we delivered on all fronts by making a motherboard focused on gaming!  LAN OC wrote a review recently showing how dominate the board really is for gaming!


Here is the Tour Schedule as of right now:
January 18, Korea
January 21, Japan
January 23, Taiwan
January 25, Thailand

Current schedule for the Europe tour:
February 8, Holland
February 12, Germany
February 14, Poland
February 18, Russia

Back to Asia:
February 20, Hong Kong
February 24, Shanghai
February 26, Gongshouz

Back to Europe:
March 1 thru 5 attend CeBIT (details for CeBIT to follow)

So there it is; a lot of traveling and probably breaking some record for most countries visited in 50 days…  insane.  Anyway, we are looking forward to playing games like Counter Strike Online, Starcraft 2, Quake Live & even Black Ops, possibly.  We are, literally, picking games based on each country’s interest.  So we’re trying to accommodate whatever the gamer likes most in their respective country.

If I’m hitting up your country, feel free to say hi and contact me personally on Facebook at Fatality Gamer.  I’ll try to keep a live update of where and what I’m doing on that page!  For any official postings etc, you can find it here on Fatal1ty.com,  on our Fatal1ty Brand page or Johnathan Wendel on Facebook.

Hope to game it up with you soon!