Well, I guess it had to happen eventually.  Traveling so much this year and only being at home in Las Vegas for 3 weeks, I finally found a way to lose my passport.

Right after CeBIT 2011 was ending, I started packing for a visit to the South of Germany for more press conferences and meetings to promote my new Fatal1ty P67 Motherboard v.b3.  I thought I’d left it in the drawer, but it was nowhere near there or anywhere else.  I looked for about an hour and finally gave up.

So what do you do when you lose a passport overseas?  Ah hah, the fun begins!  It started with me calling everywhere I’d been in the last 5-6 days; restaurants, taxis, convention hall, & clubs.   Also some seriously looking through my luggage and the car about 5 times to no avail. 

So I had to make a trip to the police station to file a claim that I had lost my passport.  This is one of the many steps needed to get a temporary passport from the US Embassy!

1) Report of lost passport with Police Station

2) Make appointment with US Embassy

3) Call brother to FAX over copies of old passport and birth certificate

4) Fill out a lot of paperwork and describe how you lost it and what efforts I put forward to track it down.

5) Find nearest US Embassy (Frankfurt)

6) 2 hour ICE train to Frankurt

7) Book hotel to make sure I’m there bright and early and get it done ASAP as I have a press conference in Dusseldorf at 12:30 pm that I have to be back for.

8) No electronics in US Embassy, PERIOD.

9) Hand in paperwork which wasn’t that hard and basically wait around for 2+ hours.  Almost like going to the DMV.

10) Give oath that everything is true and then you receive Temporary Passport!

Thats it!  Got the temporary passport which looks almost like the real deal with a little less realistic holograph, but looks pretty much exactly the same.  They gave me a 6 month temp passport which should be plenty of time for me to get a new one rushed to me when I get back home this April. 

Now I’m off to Warsaw, Poland tomorrow!

Going to game rest of night.

Take care and game on,