Hey everyone, hope you all had a great 4th of July. I had a good 4th of July inLake Tahoebut had a little accident on the boat with friends.  I ended up going to the ER to get 8 staples in my knee because I split it open when we caught a big wave and somehow cut my knee open.  Was pretty exciting since I didn’t even know I cut myself, but we eventually saw it, and got bandaged up right away before heading to the hospital.  It’s not my first time to the ER, so was no reason to panic.  Doctors were really good and got me out of there in about 4 hours.

Anyway, let’s get to the reason I’m talking my Marine Arena Strategy.  I’m in no hurry to go run and play any sports right now, so am finding more time to help some of you out with your strategy.

1.  Get Sharpshooters

You want to find bottle necks at all times and never commit yourself too much.  If you get surrounded by a zerg or zealot, you’re pretty much toast.  This pretty much goes for the whole game unless you’re way ahead of the field on health/attack etc.

My First Trick:  Knock down the two barriers for the satellite as fast as possible.  If you can get down the hill before your opponent, you have a huge advantage being at the bottom and letting them come down the ramp, which is very tight and you’ll tear them up!

2. Get Colossus

Always have an escape plan ready for your Colossus!  Don’t over commit him past the center of the map, because to get him back is very tricky.  I always want him in the back with an easy access to a ledge somewhere or a straight line back to home base.  WATCH YOUR MINIMAP!

Tricks:  Colossus can do a lot of damage from your enemy’s Mercenary Barrack’s ledge, so if you find you’re bored at some point, send off your colossus to do some work around his merc base.  You can attack from high ground very easily and a lot of times get very easy kills.

3. Get Destroyer

I usually let the Destroyer build up in mass a little bit before attacking, but it’s really based on what’s going on and getting the easiest kills possible.  If easy kills are available, I go!  Also, I like to focus on upgrading the Destroyer’s Defense to 3 as fast as possible.  I want them to last as long as possible during this point of the game.

4.  Upgrade Marine Attack so you can upgrade range/fire rate

Upgrading the Marine Range Attack and Fire Rate is super important!  Mid-late game this will be huge. I focus on upgrading Range first but, no matter what, you need to get both upgrades.  So, if you only have 300, get the Fire Rate upgrade.  Just keep upgrading that as fast as possible and, if you can, do Range before Fire Rate.

5. Upgrade Marine Spawn Rate

When I feel I need more units somewhere in between upgrading my range/fire attack, I’ll spend the 750 minerals and get the upgrade marine spawn rate.  Your Marines are getting stronger, so you may as well have more of them, and it’s a necessity nonetheless!

6.  Keep upgrading Marines Health and Attack

I don’t bother much with armor, I’m mainly focusing on health and attack for my Marines.

7.  End Game

If I’m playing a 45 or 60 minute game and the game goes to sudden death, I will build up my units and rebuild my colossus.  I won’t attack MID till I get the colossus, and I’ll usually have my teammate attack from another angle onto the hill.  So I’ll attack from our base, and my teammate will attack from another player’s base, preferably a base where there is no one.  I attack at the same time, and take over the HILL!, then have my mercenaries auto rally to middle, making sure I have massive amounts of units on the hill collecting my 100 minerals every 20 seconds.

Tip:  Get that satellite!  You need to see what your opponent is doing and make sure he is not making a sneak attack!  The satellite will keep you well informed on where your opponent is and what’s about to happen.  It’s vital to have this, especially if your opponent’s mercenary barracks is an Air Unit!  He can easily pop over to your base and take out your merc barracks!

8.  Conclusion

I hope this helped you all out with your Marine Arena Strategy. I really enjoy playing this custom game and feel there are a lot of different ways you can approach each match with different build orders but, for me, this has been my most successful build order and strategy.

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Play it to the Bone!