Mouse Sensitivity?

This is probably one of the biggest areas where I feel amateurs have a hard time making it to the semi-pro, or super pro level.

First thing to look at; what mouse are you using?

I’m using Microsoft 1.1 SE and/or Microsoft 3.0…  I used my Fatal1ty 2020 Laser Mouse for a while, but I use such low sensitivity, that lasers can’t keep up with my fast flick shots…  Using a laser mouse is cool, because it usually has really good DPI – which mine had, but for close combat it was not ideal…  Only way to fix this, was to use a higher sensitivity or use Mouse Accel – either in some ways altered both my long range performance and consistency.  With optical, it’s very exact, especially when overclocked to 500hz…  It’s about as good as it gets…  Don’t listen to the hype right now about laser mice…  You’re going to end up sacrificing one thing or the other; it will either be incredible at close range or incredible at long range.  You can’t have both with that device.  So I advise optical as the way to go right now till the bandwidth on laser mice is improved so it can keep up with your moves.

I personally like using mousefix for all games, and using a sensitivity where I can turn a little more than 180 degrees…  My personal sensitivities if you have mousefix ON, Windows Enhanced Mouse Acceleration OFF, and default 6/11 in windows…

Counter-Strike based games:  2

Quake Based Games:  4.2 to 4.5

I, personally, have always enjoyed using Mouse Accel in Quake games and no Mouse Accel in CS.  In Quake, I liked Mouse Accel because it got me on the guy fast and allowed me to use a lower sens.  In CS, the game rewards no Mouse Accel in movement and most of the fights are over within seconds.   So no need to have hit-scan setup to keep your crosshair on the guy every second and be moving very slowly with the mouse.  You need to just REACT as fast as possible and KILL.  In Quake, you’re still killing super fast, but there’s more gun changing, positioning and fights just last longer. So if you can be dead on for a good amount of time. it really pays off.

Summary:  You’re probably using too high of a sensitivity and need to lower it.  If you’re missing mid-air shots with your setup right now, you’re using too high a sensitivity.  You should be near 100% with all shots in the air.  Work on your flick shots endlessly.  Try to spend an hour only doing flick shots straight.  If you do this, you’ll always beat your opponent to the first shot and this usually ends up in you winning the fight!

Good luck and keep on fragging…


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