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Sponsors MCS

The Challenge Begins July 8th, 2013. MOBAFire is proud to present the MOBAFire Challenger Series co-sponsored by Fatal1ty Gaming Gear. The MCS is a $10,000 series for challenger teams that are attempting to compete in the LCS. The MCS will start on July 8th and consist of the following teams in the first season.


  • FXOpen
  • Pulse Esports
  • Complexity
  • Complexity Academy
  • Denial Esports
  • Team Summon
  • New World Eclipse
  • Reality Check Gaming
  • Team Tower Dive
  • Wazabi Gaming
  • Gold Gaming LA
  • Exertus Vigor
  • The Salad Bar
  • Curse Academy

Over the past six months the North American challenger teams have struggled to find a consistent place to play and we will change that with the MCS. Our aim is to give challenger teams and players a chance to earn money and promote their brands.

The MCS competition will give these challenger teams consistent competition while preparing them to take that next step into the LCS. Each team will play 2 games a week over an 8 week season. The top 8 teams will qualify for the playoffs where each match will be a Best of 3. The bottom 6 teams will find themselves in a relegation situation. The relegation will be a round robin format with the top 2 teams at the end of the group safely in the next series and the bottom 4 will go into the a relegation pool. The relegation pool will make sure that MCS continues to display the top challenger talent.

“We’re [MOBAFire] really excited to be a part of the League of Legends pro-am scene. A lot of passion from many people has come together to provide a venue for these talented up and coming teams to compete at a high level in preparation to challenge the best teams in the world. We hope to see many young teams go on to challenge the LCS teams after fine-tuning their play in the MCS.”

— FlashJ, co-founder of MOBAFire





“After MLG and IPL left the Challenger scene, I decided to stand up and do something about the lack of places for challenger teams to play. A few other managers and I decided to run the ‘We Will Do It Ourselves Cup’. After that successful tournament we decided to take the next step and that is the MCS. With the help of MOBAFire we are able to complete this vision of a stable challenger league which will only make the North American scene stronger over the next year.”

–Frank Fang, Producer MCS

Every game will be shoutcasted live on MFTV with a variety of casters including Reid “Rapid” Melton, Nicholas “FilibusterFox” Goehring, Matthew “Azaraki Dragon” Waters, Shuan “Jester” Delaney and Mary “LunetTheHerald” Gordon. Fans will be able to keep track of the schedule, standings, and statistics right here on the MCS website.

We look forward to exciting action from teams that have the potential to be the big teams in a year or two. Join us in supporting the challenger teams as they battle it out for the first MCS title!