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Fatal1ty Gaming Motherboards = Superior Performance
Critical to Maximizing the Gaming Experience

Not just any motherboard will do. If you want to compete at the highest level you must use gaming motherboards with features that enhance the gaming experience. Fatal1ty Gaming Motherboards = Superior Performance, and include specialized features that allow you to perform your best, such as:

  • Fatal1ty Mouse Port – Fatal1ty Mouse Port is a customizable technology for PC gamers and part of F-Stream. After plugging a USB mouse into the gaming motherboards Fatal1ty Mouse Port and running F-Stream, gamers can use Fatal1ty’s personally preferred mouse polling rate at 500 Hz. F-Stream also provides flexibility for gamers to adjust the mouse polling rate from 125 Hz to 1000 Hz, which helps professional gamers experience smoother gameplay and a faster mouse response time.
  • F-Stream – The Fatal1ty F-Stream tuning program is an all-in-1 software utility that supports overclocking and hardware tuning such as energy usage, H/W monitor, fan speed control, Fatal1ty Mouse Port Configuration and XFast RAM.
  • Dual LAN – Teaming – Dual LAN with Teaming function enabled on these gaming motherboards allows two single connections to act as one single connection for twice the transmission bandwidth, making data transmission more effective.

Fatal1ty Gaming Motherboards won’t necessarily make you a champion but it will give you the competitive edge needed to become one! If you are going to compete don’t let your gaming motherboard be the difference between winning and losing!