Fatal1ty-DYK-FB-BlogFatal1ty League of Legends Tournament

Did you know…that on March 2nd, 2012, The Fatal1ty Brand and Creative Labs announced a live online streaming, League of Legend gaming tournament? League of Legends, as one of Fatal1ty’s “must-play” games, was chosen for this inaugural competition.

The tournament was made up of 4 qualifiers, transferring the top 2 teams from each round to advance into the online finals. Over 2 million people from all over the world tuned in online to watch the action and the results through Fatal1ty TV. After 2 days of intense League of Legends game play, “Team Solo Mid” took the $5,000 purse prize with “Just Your Average Joes” landing a spot in 2nd place and taking home $2,000.

In addition to cash and product prizes for winning contestants, Fatal1ty Brand Partners held contests and special promotions for online viewers which were available though NewEgg.com during the course of the tournament.