The Inquirer’s coverage of the Abit Fatal1ty Leicester Square shutout…

Fatal1ty shootout shutout
“No fragg’s at Leicester square”
By Fuad Abazovic in Hannover: Sunday 05 September 2004

FATAL1TY MANAGED to win all of the games without a fragg yesterday at Abit
Fatal1ty Leicester Square shutout. The famous gamer hasn’t
been fragged even once. We have to say that this is simply unbelievable.
Do I need to say he is good? Abit is definitely spending serious money
for those promotions and even if they promote ATI cards they don’t get
anything from the big red company. Abit is so stretched that the INQ even
had to buy it dinner and dinner for the Wendell too last week.
As for Via, it likes Abit’s Via based motherboards that it like to see promoted
but this time Intel jumped in with its chipsets and CPUs. Intel is always
exclusive with this kind of deal, so when they want to sponsor you, they don’t
want you to see any AMD.

We don’t know how Abit might justify all these expenses as it is spending
serious amounts of money for brand recognition and product promotions. We
have to say it sure is doing a great job. We decided to sponsor Abit’s meal,
and I must say the crispy fried ducks died in flocks last week.
You have to invest to be able to collect. Question is how much?

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