Fatal1ty Sponsors the MOBAFire Challenger Series

In case you guys haven’t heard, I’m excited about sponsoring the $10,000 MOBAFire Challenger Series, a League of Legends Competitive Series (LCS) that gives up and coming teams a chance to compete for prizes and gain the experience to go head to head with the best in the scene. The League of Legends scene in my opinion is very top focused, with the top teams getting most of the attention and the money.  Until teams qualify for the LCS they have little to compete for, such as Team MRN who recently faced that problem and disbanded. The MOBAFire Challenger Series aims to change that.

I’m all about legitimizing eSports and making it more accessible to gamers around the world. This initiative brings us closer to that goal. Instead of just throwing money at the top teams, we’re giving those fighting for a chance in the lime light a shot at making their dreams come true and actually becoming professional gamers.

To learn more about this, visit www.mcsesports.com. Matches start on July 8th!

Mobafire image


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